Game Theory Photo Album

In this section photos from various conferences and symposiums are published. We hope, it will be interesting to you. If you look on this photos it may happen that you will find there yourself.

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II International Seminar Control Theory and Theory of Generalized Solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi Equation
Tenth International ISDG Workshop
July 16 - 17, 2015, Glasgow, United Kingdom. New!
13th Viennese Workshop on Optimal Control and Dynamic Games
May 13 - 16, 2015, Vienna, Austria. New!
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International Conference "Dynamics of Systems and Control Processes"
September 15-20, 2014 Ekaterinburg, Russia.
16th International Symposium on Dynamic Games and Applications
July 9-12, 2014 Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
SING10 Conference
July 7-9, 2014 Krakow, Poland.
The 8th International Conference on Game Theory and Management GTM2014
June 25-27, 2014 St Petersburg, Russia.
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9th International ISDG Workshop
July 5-6, 2013, Barcelona, Spain.
26th European Conference on Operational Research
July 1-4, 2013, Rome, Italy.
The 7th International Conference on Game Theory and Management GTM2013
June 26-28, 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Networking Games and Management NGM2013
June 23-25, 2013, Petrozavodsk, Russia.
School and Conference on Control and Games
May 7-10, 2013, University of Warwick, United Kingdom
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4th Workshop on Dynamic Games in Management Science
December 6-7, 2012, Padua, Italy.
2012 China International Conference on Game Theory and Applications
August 29-30, 2012, Qingdao, P. R. China
The Fourth Congress of the Game Theory Society
July 22-26, 2012, Istanbul, Turkey
15th International Symposium on Dynamic Games and Applications
July 19-22, 2012, Liblice, Czech Republic
Networking Games and Management NGM2012
June 30 - July 2, 2012, Petrozavodsk, Russia
The 6th International Conference on Game Theory and Management GTM2012
June 27-29, 2012, St. Petersburg, Russia
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3rd Workshop on Dynamic Games in Management Science
Montreal, Canada, November 25-26, 2011
25th IFIP TC 7 Conference on System Modeling and Optimization
Berlin, Germany, September 12-16, 2011
Mathematical Aspects of Game Theory and Applications
Toulouse, France, September 12-16, 2011
The Seventh International Conference on Nonlinear Analysis and Convex Analysis (NACA2011)
Busan, Korea, August 2-5, 2011
8th International ISDG Workshop
Padua, Italy, July 21-23, 2011
7th Spain-Italy-Netherlands Meeting on Game Theory (SING7)
Paris, France, July 18-20, 2011
The Fifth International Conference on Game Theory and Management (GTM)
June 27-29, 2011, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Tel Aviv International Workshop on Game Theory
Tel Aviv, Israel June 20-23, 2011
Research seminar in Scientific Publishing on Qualitative Research Methods of Operations
Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University, May 24, 2011
GERAD Spring School 2011 on Evolutionary Games
HEC Montreal, Montreal, Canada, May 4-7, 2011
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Inaugural Conference of Chinese Game Theory and Experimental Economics Association
Beijing, P. R. CHINA, August 24-26, 2010.
Second Brazilian Workshop of the Game Theory Society.
Sao Paulo, Brazil, July 29 - August 4, 2010.
St.-Petersburg, RUSSIA, June 28-30, 2010.
14th international symposium on dynamic games and applications.
The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, Canada during June 20-22, 2010.
EPSRC Symposium Workshop on "Game theory for finance, social and biological sciences" (GAM).
Warwick, UK, 14-17, April, 2010.


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