Mathematical modelling of the Kyoto protocol mechanisms

The Kyoto protocol demands for introducing new economical methods and mathematical models which can imitate the process of making decisions and their influence on pollution decreasing. Considering trading system mechanisms of the Kyoto protocol lets us formulate control problem and apply game-theoretical approach to its solution.
Here you can find various information devoted to this subject: history of creation and ratification, polititions' and researches' opinions, analises, game-theoretical modeling and solutions, further development forecasts, consideration of alternative energy sources and industrial projects based on them.

Game Theory and Terrorism.

This web-page is dedicated to the game theory application to problems of terrorism. Terrorism modelling is a recent direction of the research. So far there is no unique approach to modelling of terrorists behaviour. Here you can get acquainted with organizations and researchers known for their contribution to the development of terrorism modelling. The most frequent models are also mentioned.