The Russian Chapter of the International Society on Dynamic Games (ISDGRus) was founded in St.-Petersburg October 1997. Some time ago ISDGRus founded Center of Game Theory at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes of Saint-Petersburg State University. You can read Assumptions for the Center.

The primary goals of the Federation are:

The Society strives to achieve these goals by organizing or co-organizing symposia, conferences and workshops on dynamic games (in Russian Federation), by producing newsletters and sending them electronically to the members.

The Russian Chapter of the Society consists of members those with interests in any aspect of the theory and applications of dynamic games. It is run by an executive board of the Russian Federation which is its decision making organ.

The President of the ISDGRus is professor Leon A. Petrosjan. The ISDGRus's Secretariat is hosted by associate professor Gennady V. Alferov at the Saint Petersburg State University. The current editor of the ISDGRus electronic newsletters and the web master is Valery Usenko at the Internat Laboratory of the Game Center of Saint Petersburg State University. Persons interested in becoming of the society and in getting the newsletter should mail their e-mail address to isdgrus@isdgrus.ru. If you have questions, comments or recommendations for improvement of this site, please, contact with web master Valery Usenko.